3 Common Signs of Water Pump Failure

A majority of vehicles out on the road have a fluid-based cooling system that circulates coolant from the radiator through vital engine components. This process keeps the engine from running too hot or too cold. If the cooling system isn’t working properly, it could lead to serious engine damage.

That’s why it’s so important to recognize signs of cooling system distress early on, especially if you have an older car. That way, you can get them fixed before major problems develop. Some of the most common culprits of cooling system failure include the head gasket, the radiator and various hoses and connections that can weaken over time. However, the water pump is one of the most crucial components of the cooling system, and that's what we want to focus on in this article. When it fails, you will notice problems right away and you will not want to wait to get it repaired or replaced.

The water pump is what keeps the coolant flowing through the cooling system and engine. Look out for these common signs of water pump failure:

1. Overheating Engine

Obviously, the most noticeable sign of a failing water pump or any sort of cooling system issue is when the engine overheats. If it happens once, it may just be a result of certain conditions compounding at once. However, if the overheating persists or the car won't start on cold winter mornings, then you will definitely want to have your entire cooling system inspected. You may need to replace the water pump or other key components.

2. Coolant Leaks

Radiator coolant (also known as radiator fluid or antifreeze) is typically a very bright green/yellow in color. It is pretty easy to recognize if leaking underneath the vehicle. A leak con come from many different sources within the radiator or other cooling system components. The water pump in particular has multiple seals and gaskets that help maintain a consistent pumping pressure, so it is often the first place a mechanic will look. A best case scenario will find you only having to get one of the gaskets replaced instead of the whole water pump or something else.

3. Whining Sounds

Any time you hear strange sounds coming from your engine compartment, it is cause for concern. Sometimes, it’s just a loose belt or pulley. The bearings inside the water pump can also be a cause for loud whining sounds. When these bearing give out, it is something you will want to have repaired as soon as possible before it leads to major cooling system and/or engine damage.

These are just a few signs of water pump and overall cooling system problems. The cooling system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle and any issues should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent more significant damage.

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