3 Benefits of a Fuel System Service

Though it's not required nearly as often as an oil change or tire rotation, a fuel system cleaning service can be very beneficial for your car. Over time, sediments can build up in the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump and fuel injection system. The fuel filter can become clogged or worn out to a point where it is ineffective. These factors will hinder the engine's performance and eventually start to cause significant problems.

Most automotive experts recommend a fuel system service every 30,000 miles or so to help keep your fuel system and engine healthy. It will entail a full flush and chemical cleaning of your fuel system, as well as replacement of your fuel filter. The fuel pump and fuel injectors will be inspected and cleaned—or replaced if needed.

Here are 3 benefits of a getting your fuel system cleaned and serviced, according to Fox Run Auto:

1. Better Engine Performance

Your engine will certainly appreciate having the fuel system properly maintained and cleaned periodically. It ensures cleaner fuel is flowing to the engine and being injected as desired while driving. This enables the combustion to happen more efficiently and will help keep the engine running smoother. If the fuel system isn't cleaned periodically, the engine will start to lose efficiency.

2. Increased Fuel Economy

One clear benefit of a fuel system services is to help enhance the vehicle's fuel economy. The engine will run more efficiently and this leads to less gasoline consumption. You may not notice an immediate gain in MPGs after a fuel system service, but a more efficient engine will definitely save you some money at the pumps over time. 

3. Long-Term Engine Health

Like oil changes or transmission services, a fuel system service is considered a vital "preventative maintenance" procedure. It helps prevent performance problems and mechanical damage in the engine while keeping it running healthier for the life of the vehicle. 

If you think you might be due for a fuel system service or any other preventative maintenance services, contact the automotive maintenance and repair experts at Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE.Call our Northern Delaware auto shop today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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