10 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

It's never really fun having to fill up on gas, but it has been extra brutal this year with inflated fuel prices. You still need to get where you want to go and we can't control gas prices. However, there are a few simple things you can do to cut down on fuel consumption and improve the miles-per-gallon (MPG) in your car, truck or SUV.

Here are some gas-saving tips for better fuel efficiency:

1. Watch the Lead Foot

How you drive can definitely impact your fuel economy. Driving faster will burn more gas. Slamming down on the gas pedal to accelerate quickly will only waste fuel. Learn to drive sensibly can help stretch your fuel budget.

2. Lighten Your Load

If you regularly drive around with heavy items or tow large loads, minimize your vehicle's weight. Don't bring anything you don't need. Lighten the load and that will help save gas.

3. Check Tire Pressure

You should check your tire pressure regularly. It can definitely impact your MPG and it's one of the easiest things you can do for auto maintenance on your own. Keep them inflated at the recommended air pressure levels (usually noted on a sticker inside the driver's side door panel). You'll have a smoother ride and better gas mileage.

4. Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Another great way to maximize fuel economy is to take care of your car's recommended auto maintenance. We're talking about oil changes, transmission services, brake services, cooling system services, air filter replacement, wheel alignment and other standard preventative maintenance services. When your vehicle is running healthy, you will get better mileage.

5. Get a Fuel System Service

In addition to standard maintenance, you can also get a special fuel system service from your dealership or mechanic. This will involve cleaning fuel lines and removing contaminants, as well as replacing the fuel filter. Cleaner fuel in the engine will burn more efficiently.

6. Other Maintenance

There are some other maintenance services to consider for maximum fuel economy. Change out worn or damaged spark plugs. Replace weak or dying car batteries. 

7. Use Cruise Control

When driving on highways and freeways, utilize your cruise control. It helps regulate speed better than you can do with your own foot and often safes a lot of fuel consumption during longer drives.

8. Turn Off the Car

If you expect to be stopped or leaving your car for more than 10 minutes, turn it off. Letting it idle will ultimately burn extra fuel for no real reason.

9. Fill Up Early or Late

Believe it or not, gasoline is denser during when the weather is colder. Gas pumps distribute fuel by the gallon. Filling up early in the morning or late at night when temperatures are cooler could actually net you a little bit more gas in the tank if filling up.

10. Keep a Quarter Tank

Many experts will tell you it's a good idea to fill up before you get down past a quarter of a tank. Draining your tank all the way down to empty between fill-ups can hurt your gas mileage overall. Try to keep at least a quarter-tank at all times. You may have to fill up more often, but you can save some MPG over time and each of your fill-ups will be a little less expensive.

These are some ways to improve MPG and get the best fuel economy. Now more than ever, it helps to save at the pump!

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