10 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Fall and Winter

Fall is already upon us and winter will be here before we know it. This means colder weather along with wet and icy roads. You want your car to be ready to handle these driving conditions. Fox Run Auto in Bear, DE has put together these 10 simple maintenance tips that will help you get your vehicle ready for the fall and winter months.

1. Replace Your Wiper Blades

When the rain comes, you want to make sure your wiper blades are doing their job. Now is the perfect time to get them replaced before visibility becomes a problem.

2. Check Your Tires

You want tires that have good tread and even wear to grip the wet and icy roads. Get your wheels and tires checked out and make sure to rotate them regularly. Getting a wheel alignment test is also a smart move.

3. Test Your Battery

Cold weather can really put a lot of strain on your car's battery, especially if it's sitting for any long periods of time. It's a good idea to get your battery tested for performance. Get it recharged or replaced if needed so you are not left stranded.

4. Get a Brake Inspection

Few things are as important as your brakes when it comes to being safe in slicker fall/winter road conditions. Get your front and rear brakes inspected by a professional and replace any worn components.

5. Get Your Heater/Defrosters Looked at

Make sure your heater and defrosters are working properly. The heater will keep you warm inside the cool when it's cold outside, and properly functioning defrosters will improve your visibility when you need it most.

6. Check All the Fluid Levels

Whether you do it yourself or bring your car to an auto repair shop like ours, you'll want to check all your fluid levels in the vehicle to make sure they are where they need to be. Also, check the quality and consistency of the fluid in case it needs to be replaced.

7. Get an Oil Change

Most cars will require an oil change every 3-6 months (or every 3,000-5,000 miles). If your vehicle is due for service, get it taken care of sooner rather than later.

8. Check Your Lights

Days are short and nights are long during the winter, so you will need your lights to be working well. We're talking about headlights, tail lights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights and interior lights.

9. Inspect Your Cooling System

Your radiator and cooling system are very important when it's cold outside. In the summer, this system keeps the engine from overheating. In the winter, it keeps the car from stalling out if the engine is running too cold.

10. Inspect Belts, Hoses and Seals

Certain rubber and plastic components can wear out during the heat of summer and then cause major problems heading into the cold of winter. Get your vehicle a good bumper-to-bumper inspection and replace any worn belts, hoses, seals or other connecting parts.

These are just a few things you should do to get your vehicle ready for the fall and winter seasons here in the Mid-Atlantic. For all your automotive repair and preventative maintenance needs, call Fox Run Auto today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your service appointment online.


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