10 Automotive Maintenance Tips to Prevent Major Repairs

In the automotive industry, it's known as "preventative maintenance." These are the routine service tasks that need to be performed on your car from time to time, as recommended by your mechanic or dealership. Some things you may be able to do on your own. For others, you will want a trained automotive technician to make sure it's done right. The goal of preventative maintenance is simple: to prevent major problems from developing. By keeping up with your necessary maintenance tasks, you reduce the risk of damage and breakdowns that could be much more costly to repair. Here are 10 of the maintenance services you should take care of on a regularly scheduled basis:

1. Oil Changes

Keep your engine running smoothly with regular motor oil and oil filter changes. Low, old or dirty oil can cause major engine problems over time.

2. Brake Pads

Brake pads wear out from time, use and the elements. Replace them when they are getting low to avoid brake, wheel, tire and suspension problems.

3. Tire Care

Rotate your tires every 5,000-6,000 miles to even out tread wear and keep them lasting longer. Also check your tire air pressure regularly. Proper air pressure helps with fuel economy, tread wear, handling and overall vehicle performance.

4. Clean Battery

Car batteries can accumulate corrosion and this may impact how well it works. Check the terminals regularly and clean (or have them professionally cleaned) if corrosion is building up.

5. Air Filters

Your engine air filter is there to make sure cleaner air is running through your air intake. It should be replaced as necessary. The cabin air filter keeps the air cleaner inside the vehicle. It can impact A/C performance and obviously you want to breathe cleaner air, so replace it as needed.

6. Spark Plugs

A failing spark plug can impact engine performance, and you may not be able to start the vehicle at all if one fails completely.

7. Cooling System

Make sure your radiator coolant (antifreeze) is at a proper fluid level and the fluid itself is clean. If your cooling system fails, it can lead to engine overheating and other problems.

8. Emissions System

Your exhaust and emissions system protects the engine, the driver and the environment. Keep up with recommended exhaust/emissions maintenance.

9. Fuel System

You may need a fuel system service periodically. This will require replacing the fuel filter and possibly cleaning the fuel lines and tank. The goal is to keep your fuel cleaner as it feeds the engine for smoother combustion.

10. Transmission

Your transmission needs service every 30,000-60,000 miles (depending on age, mileage and other factors). If your transmission fails, you won't be driving anywhere and you will be facing major expenses to replace or rebuild it.

These are some of the most important preventative maintenance tasks, and there are plenty more to cover. Having a mechanic you can trust is important to help guide you with recommendations and proper service scheduling. Fox Run Auto is here to help with all your automotive maintenance needs in Northern Delaware. Call us today at (302) 597-9205 or schedule your appointment online.


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