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  • New Year. New Automotive Resolutions.

    Wednesday 16 January 2019

    2019 is already well underway and people are settling back to life as usual after the hectic holiday season. Many of us have made our New Year's Resolutions, and some of us have been able to stick with them so far. Most resolutions center around personal health and wellness, and that's a great goal to focus on.  What Are Your Automotive Resolutions? However, it's not too late to make some automotive resolutions. Is this the year you get a new car? Or, do you w... read more

  • 5 Common Signs of Exhaust System Failure

    Wednesday 12 December 2018

    The exhaust system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It controls emissions that can be damaging to the environment. It protects your engine from harmful contaminants. And of course, it keeps deadly exhaust fumes from getting into the passenger cabin. If your exhaust system has a leak or a faulty component such as the muffler, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter... read more

  • 3 Common Signs of Water Pump Failure

    Wednesday 28 November 2018

    A majority of vehicles out on the road have a fluid-based cooling system that circulates coolant from the radiator through vital engine components. This process keeps the engine from running too hot or too cold. If the cooling system isn’t working properly, it could lead to serious engine damage. That’s why it’s so important to recognize signs of cooling system distress early on... read more

  • Make Sure Your Visibility is Good During the Winter Months

    Wednesday 07 November 2018

    When you live in a place like the Mid-Atlantic, you come to appreciate having all four seasons. Yet, with the colder fall and winter months comes wetter weather. Whether it's fog, rain, sleet or snow, you have to be prepared to drive in all types of nasty conditions. Your safety is at stake, along with the safety of your passengers and everyone else on the road around you. One of the most important things to consider is your visibility. That's why it's a good idea to take some simpl... read more

  • Don't Let Bad Brakes Lead to a Scary Situation

    Wednesday 24 October 2018

    Halloween is almost here. It's time for some fun tricks, tasty treats and a few good scares. However, you should leave those scary situations in the haunted houses, not in your car. It may be time for a proper brake inspection. When it comes to driver safety, few things are as important as the brake system. You want it working well, so you can stop and slow down as you need to. This is especially true as we head into the wetter... read more

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