• Take Advantage of Special Financing at Fox Run Auto

    Wednesday 19 July 2017

    Most of the time, people aren't expecting to have major automotive repairs. Life happens. Perhaps you get into an accident or it's just an older car. Sometimes, things go wrong and there's just no way to predict it.  Your Bear Auto Repair Experts The good news is that Fox Run Auto is here to help with all your Mid-Atlantic auto repair needs. You can count on our ASE Certified Tec... read more

  • Fox Run Auto Helps Customer Get Back on the Road After Her Timing Belt Snapped

    Wednesday 12 July 2017

    Tami was feeling panicked. She was on her way up the I-95 toward New York and her car died without warning. Tami didn't know what to, so she called for help. She called for roadside assistance and they towed her car into Fox Run Auto"The guys at Fox Run Auto really helped me out when I was in trouble!" Tami said in her post on our Facebook page. "The timing belt had snapped, and I was looking at... read more

  • What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

    Thursday 06 July 2017

    It's not something you ever want to see, but your vehicle's "check engine" light is there for a reason. It is there to provide a warning that something is wrong with your car. In some cases, it may even save your life. What Does the Check Engine Light Mean? If your check engine light does come on while you are driving, it can mean any number of different things. It could be a minor problem or even just a glitch in the computer system. Or, it could be a sign o... read more

  • How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brakes?

    Wednesday 28 June 2017

    It should go without saying that your car's brakes are very important. They enable your vehicle to slow down and come to a stop, sometimes very suddenly in an emergency situation. The better condition your brakes are in, the safer you and your passengers will be. At Fox Run Auto, we get asked all the time how much it will cost for someone to replace their brakes. A... read more

  • Fox Run Auto is Here for All Your Automotive Maintenance Needs

    Wednesday 21 June 2017

    Customer service is very important to the team at Fox Run Auto. Whether it's a major repair job or routine vehicle maintenance, we approach every car we work on with a commitment to quality. We always want our customers to feel good about the services we provide, so they know they can count on our team no matter what automotive services and auto repairs they need.  Mike P. recently wrote a nice testimonial on our... read more