Great Job on my H2Hummer. Fox Auto was able to assess the problems I was having when the Chevy dealer could not. I was extremely happy with Fox Auto service!

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 5/7/2018

The staff always provides great advice and acts in the interest of their customer and not themselves which is so hard to find in the auto repair industry.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/30/2018

Been going to Fox Run for a few years and I love everyone there. Honest service and a great staff.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/27/2018

Always great service and professionalism. Would not go ANYWHERE else.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/17/2018

I have been using Fox Run Auto for all my repair work for many years, and have never had a less than excellent experience. Their service was instrumental in enabling me to get over 450,000 miles on my 2004 Suburban before I finally sold it. Highly recommended!

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/13/2018

See Mike Ridley for any of your car problems. He is awesome.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/12/2018

Honest Service

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 4/7/2018

Very fast and willing to go the extra mile for me.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 3/31/2018

Always great a experience.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 3/27/2018

As always, service was friendly, efficient, and well done.One concern was engine missing, poor acceleration from stop and low speed, hesitation and jerking. Concern was over-filled oil. After the oil change, this problem has been resolved without any further action. Everything running well now.

5 Fox Run Auto Inc. 3/26/2018