Mike Defino | Fox Run Auto Inc.

Mike Defino

Defino is the driving force behind Fox Run Automotive. His creative use of advertising and his uncanny ability to diagnose 1980's era General Motors products from his office has made him the envy of his peers. His attention to detail and his world famous "to do" lists are only a small part of the recipe for his success. His dentist has been heard lauding his oral hygiene regimen as "unparalleled". In his spare time Mike enjoys serving as a board member on the Bear YMCA, boating, and evaluating the relative position of the nearest bathroom to his seat during the next Phil's game. Considered the John Lennon of the group, Mike Defino's wisdom and vision keeps the Mikes on task and ahead of the curve.

Mike Accursi | Fox Run Auto Inc.

Mike Accursi

Accursi is the technical wizard of the group. He is regarded as the Picasso of Googling and it is rare that he cannot impart some nugget of useless information into a random conversation. Accursi is an ASE Master Certified technician and an L1 Certified Advanced Engine Specialist. His firm grasp of five dollar words coupled with his certifications make talking to Accursi an exercise in patience as you wait for him to get to the point. Accursi enjoys the journey as much as the destination. In his spare time Accursi enjoys motorcycling, flying kites and driving high mileage Chrysler minivans. Accursi is the Paul McCartney of the group not only for his high harmonies, but also for his clever wit.

Mike Riley | Fox Run Auto Inc.

Mike Riley

Riley is the unflappable rock of Fox Run Automotive. His calm demeanor and ability to roll with the punches is both Zen-like and ninja-like at the same time. Riley is responsible for the workflow through the shop, and his ability to balance the needs of the shop and the needs of the technicians makes him a favorite among the techs. As the oldest of the Mikes, Riley is often deferred to in conversations regarding classic progressive rock, golfing and Ford Explorers. His experience allows him to be a mentor and a guide for the younger technicians. A former technician himself, Riley keeps his skills sharp by repairing his own family's fleet of vehicles. An avid baseball fan, Riley enjoys listening to Phillies games at work, golfing, and smoking fine cigars. Undoubtedly the George Harrison of the group.